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Project Description

Lead lined cabinetry and work benches manufactured in stainless steel suitable to manipulate radioisotopes.

lead lined cabinetry

Cabinetry and work bench

  • Accessories:
  • Hatch
  • Under bench lead lined cabinets
  • Under bench drawer units
  • Shelves
  • Sliding lead lined screens
  • Sink
  • Container for dose calibrator
  • Dose calibrator integrated
  • Waste container
  • Safety storage cabinet for flammable liquids and acids/alkalis hazardous materials

Cabinetry and work benches

Lead lined work benches suitable to support the cabinets and their shieldings, and adapted to the hot laboratory plan drawing design.


Lead lined work benches for dose administration to the patient.


Lead lined cell and drawer module integrated into the work bench.


Lead lined work bench for radioisotope manipulation with a well counter integrated.


Hatch: Pass-through equipment to install in the hot lab designed to keep the air conditions in the clean room.

  • Options: Lead lined


This equipment has standard dimensions but can also be customizable to the request of the client.