Hot Cell

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Project Description

Shielded hot-cell for storing high energy radioisotopes.

TRF Standard Hot Cell

  • Dimensions: 115x70x70 cm.
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Doors
  • Two 15x15cm doors for radiopharmaceutical manipulation
  • One 30x30cm door for radiopharmaceutical introduction.
  • Ventilation: 100 m3/h Exhaust fan, providing activated carbon filter outlet.
  • Lighting
  • Safe lock
  • Shielding:
  • On the base and lateral walls: 50 mm of lead
  • On the top wall: 20 mm of lead
  • Doors: 30 mm of lead
  • Window: 60 mm of shielded glass
  • Accessories:
  • Container for dose calibrator
  • Dose calibrator integrated
  • Supporting bench:
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 115x90x70cm

Customized Hot Cells

TRF customizes hot cells as required by the client in terms of: shielding, dimensions and
accessories. Please contact us if you wish a special equipment.
hot cell

Standard hot cells


Double hot cell


Monodose hot cell


Lead lined freezer or refrigerator


Lead lined hot cell to store and elute99m Tc/99Mo Generators


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