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Project Description

Motorized Hinged or Sliding Radiation Shielding Doors.



Neutron and X-Ray Radiation Shielding Doors. The equipment is manufactured in stainless steel, and it is customizable in terms of shielding thickness, shielding material (lead, polyethylene or borated polyethylene), accessories, finishing and dimensions, adapted to the needs of the user.
Easy use and radiation protection and High to the hospital staff.

These doors are designed to meet the stringent radiation and safety standards. They provide easy use and radiation protection to the hospital staff. As an added value, TRF provides consultancy services on the design of the bunker and the shielding required in the door and the whole bunker.

The Safety System of the motorized shielded doors includes:

  • Infra-Red and Touch Sensor System by a sensitive edge and torque limiter that prevents the risk of entrapment.
  • Signaling System by optical and audible signals.
  • Interlock System that enables the Radiation Emitter (LINAC) when the door is not closed.
  • Last- Person Out System that prevents accidental irradiation of staff remaining in the bunker.
  • Radiation Monitoring System of the Bunker.