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Project Description

AnatGe Products

AnatGe designs and produces medical devices in the field of oncology. Our products arise from clinical practice and seek to solve its problems in an innovative manner. All incorporate new improvements or advances to existing technology, which offer clear clinical advantages and even constitute a relevant change in the manner in which treatments are applied.

AnatGe’s purpose is to change stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and high oxidative stress therapy (SBRT or SABR) from a status of special techniques to conventional treatments that all cancer patients can enjoy. We therefore know that our technologies must improve efficiency of treatments, reduce application times and design costs.



eXaSkin is the only High Density Bolus -HDB- on the market well suited for treating surface tumors using photons. With eXaskin, it is possible to avoid the use of electron beams in treating this type of tumor, although using these is complementary. eXaSkin eliminates the toxicity caused by the use of electron beams.



eXaFrame is a stereotactic system specifically designed to perfectly merge Head and Neck (H&N) CT-MRI images and treat tumors with SBRT located in these anatomic regions (especially in the neck).



eXaCradle is a modular stereotactic system designed to reduce movement of tumors and internal organs in the thoracic and abdominal areas, which is joined to a reproduction system in the stereotactic position. eXaCradle is especially designed for the application of AG-SBRT.