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TRF has increased his product range by the distribution of EPSILON Radioactive Sources (ERS).

ERS Radioactive Sources are High Quality Reference and Calibration Sources used in all kind of PET and PET/CT. ERS also manufacture dose calibrator sources, flood sources, spot markers and rod sources for Nuclear Medicine Market.
It is possible to purchase the return of depleted radioactive sources after the end of their useful life.

ERS is certifies with ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008
Excepted packaging and Type A packaging are used for ERS product shipments.
ANSI N43.6: 2007 and ISO 2919:2012 sealed radioactive sources radiological protection tests are performed on Type A and Excepted packages.
ISO 9978:1992 sealed radioactive sources leakage tests are applied on ERS sealed sources.